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  • Do you bring your own alcohol to paint and Sip?
    Certain venues are licensed bars and there is No Byo. These are normally restaurants, and best to check with them first. Venues that are Byo are normally promoted as a Bring your own venue so you do not turn up empty handed. These sessions you can bring any alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage to enjoy during the session.
  • How long is a session?
    Most sessions last from one and a half to two hours and begin with an introduction in which the teacher preps you to begin your chosen artwork,
  • How much does sip and paint cost?
    How much does it cost: Seats in our events vary depending on the featured painting and project. You can view event costs by clicking the location in the menu you want, and searching for the date and time you are after. Seating fee includes all the fun and everything you need to create a one-of-a-kind painting in a 2-hour period
  • What do you wear to a paint and sip?
    Stick with something cute but not fussy, like skinny jeans, with flats, and a pretty top. It’s probably wise to avoid wearing anything white, made of silk, of sentimental value, or extremely expensive
  • Does acrylic paint wash off fabric?
    You can wash acrylic paint off your clothes and table if you get to it right away-while it is still wet. Once it has dried, not so much. If you are get paint on clothing like a t-shirt, make sure you use soap or white spirits when soaking to remove.
  • What is Paint and Sip?
    Paint and sip events combine a professionally-led painting class with a high-energy environment and a few drinks. Wine is the most popular drink of choice, but many of our guests opt for beer, liquor or lemonade. A paint party (or a “social painting event”) is an opportunity for you to have a social outing with your friends over cocktails and appetizers while creating a painting from start to finish
  • Does Art help with Mental Health?
    New research shows that the average life expectancy in the U.S. has decreased by more than a year, due in large part to COVID-19. Some of the lesser-known contributing factors are a lack of a meaning and purpose in life, feelings of disconnection, and limited friendships. Take a positive step toward your health and wellbeing by learning to address the social factors that impact longevity. The Paint and Sip has largely become popular with the social connection of bringing people together for a different single focus of what would be in the normal train of thoughts. It takes the mind away on a holiday within a social setting.
  • What is the purpose of wearing an apron?
    Wearing an apron prevents your paint coming in to contact with your clothes, and whatever else might have been floating around you throughout your day. Finally, wearing an apron allows you to make a statement to those around you while your a professional artist.
  • Do you have a mobile paint and Sip?
    Whether it’s for work celebrations, charities, team building, or a staff wellbeing event, our corporate events provide an inclusive and unique work experience for you and your team. Managing positive relationships and celebrating teams in business is important and providing a unique and memorable event can create long-lasting connections and memories. We provide a unique experience for your team to sit back, relax, and so something different. We’ll come to your venue of choice will all of the painting supplies and an artist to lead your team step by step as they create their own artworks. We facilitate private functions for anything from birthdays to hen’s parties, fundraisers and special occasions. We can come to you and set up for your event, or you can use one of our venues
  • How much is a private party at our Venues?
    Please visit our functions page, as the price is depended on the session type and the number of guests attending.
  • How much does a paint party cost?
    $39 per person based on 10 person minimum and no maximum. Includes a 40cm x 30cm canvas with full painting supplies, 2 hours of painting instruction, setup & cleanup of your event, and photos of your event. For private “at home” paint parties the host gets to paint for FREE for opening their home!
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